How to choose

How to choose a proper grinding wheel?

A successful result of grinding process depends on a proper selection of grinding wheel to rotation of a wheel spindle and a kind of saw supposed to be sharpened.

Grinding wheel specification consists of such elements as: type and nature of abrasive, grain size, hardness level, structure and nature and type of bond. What is important for grinder user is repeatability of chosen grinding wheel in each next tool used. As a result, a strict quality control of the wheels, and particularly their hardness level is crucial.

Our own original method of multi-point wheel hardness testing, special manufacturing technology give us the ability to get grinding wheels that are distinguished by effective sharpening process, excellent balance and repeatability of product parameters. It is highly significant for the sharpening process without micro-cracks and burns.

POLFLEX grinding wheels are offered in three basic levels of hardness: soft( L), medium( N) and hard( P).

On special order, we make grinding wheels of different level of hardness, e.g. (K), (R) or (S).